To Pound

Exhibition: “The Last Ten Years”

A few years after the death of the poet Ezra Pound, Olga Rudge decided to organise a photographic exhibition in Rapallo – the place where she had lived with Pound for a long time – about the last decade of the poet’s life. Rudge, his long-time partner and companion, stood by Pound for ten years until his death in 1972; through the exhibition, she wanted to continue the literary legacy of the poet, the man she had loved. 

However, the exhibition never took place. The current exhibition takes up the title Rudge had intended for it in her notebooks. Thus, on the 50th anniversary of the poet’s death, this exhibition honours not only him, but also the woman who accompanied him for many years, who inspired him to write poetry and who was a caring companion to the poet.

Parts of the exhibition are available online, click the banner for more.